We momentarily allowed ourselves to get sidetracked from the house this weekend to start hacking up the back yard.  I've got to make room for my goats...priorities people! J's cousin brought the big saws, the big truck and the big chipper and felled about 10 HUGE trees.  It sounded like Godzilla was crashing through our... Continue Reading →

The To Do List

So writing a blog about massive home renovations is kind of tough to do when your life is taken over by a massive home renovation! Here's the to-do list. It's a looooooong one. I'll put pictures of the stuff that's been done here and then start writing about what we're doing in real time. First... Continue Reading →

Meet the Cabin

J and I officially began the search for our dream property in February. I had been unofficially searching for two years prior to that and could pretty much tell you where and when every potential farm property in our price range had come on and off the market. Big, beautiful farms in our area are... Continue Reading →

The First Step

Ever since J and I were married, I would turn to him at some random time during the week and shout, "Oh my goodness!  Guess what?!  I almost forgot to tell you... [long, dramatic pause] ...I want a farm." Then he would roll his eyes at me and we would carry on with whatever we... Continue Reading →

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