We momentarily allowed ourselves to get sidetracked from the house this weekend to start hacking up the back yard.  I’ve got to make room for my goats…priorities people!

Cuties coming next week!
Cuties coming next week!

J’s cousin brought the big saws, the big truck and the big chipper and felled about 10 HUGE trees.  It sounded like Godzilla was crashing through our back yard. But we’ve opened up a large space next to the barn for a field/paddock area. We’ve just got to clean up the logs and branches (anyone need wood? Please come take it!) and then the dozer will come in and flatten out the big pile of fill for us.

Tree clearing "before"
Tree clearing “before”
Tree clearing "after." Although they took down 3 more trees after I took this pictures.
Tree clearing “after.” Although they took down 3 more trees after I took this pictures so it looks even more open than this.

The “after” picture above really does not do it justice as to how much space it has opened up. It’s awesome.

Tree climbing.
Tree climbing.
Lots of messes to clean. Volunteers?
Lots of messes to clean. Volunteers?

J is working on framing out the bedrooms upstairs. I’ll post some pictures when he’s done with that. I’m trying to clean up the interior log walls from years of water damage and general grossness. It’s slow work but with some wood bleach and sanding they’re coming out pretty good.

J’s dad brought a friend to clean out the chimney’s for us this weekend. So thankful for that!

The log guys are almost done with the exterior.  Both of the porches have had the sills and all the posts replaced. They’re working on replacing a few rotted logs and then they’ll caulk all the seams and holes and stain and seal.

Exterior restoration almost done.
Exterior restoration almost done.

We’re making progress!

Camper life
Camper life

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