Catch up

We're in the house! But I have a little catch up to do to show how we got there. On the inside I think I left off when we were in the middle of a month long painting project. Since then we sealed all the logs on the walls and ceiling on the inside (thanks... Continue Reading →

Paint, paint and more paint.

The day before we closed on the house J and I made up a huge master schedule of all of the projects that needed to be done and the dates we allotted ourselves to do them. I think we were off-schedule by day three.  And according to the schedule we should have moved in last... Continue Reading →

Lots of Updates…

So much has been going on here the past couple of weeks.  We're pushing hard to get the house liveable by October. My mind has mostly been fixed on getting our property line/tax situation straightened out with the Town Planning Board. To sum up what's going on there...TOWN BUREAUCRACY IS SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF... Continue Reading →

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